From single door control to multiple location enterprise systems, NControl can help you secure your location.

Video Surveillance

NControl installs Pelco, Axis, Bosch Systems, and services others. Contact us for help with your video system.

Intrusion Detection

NControl offers Bosch Intrusion Detection Systems installed by factory trained and certified personnel.

Network Infrastructure

NControl can design, install and maintain your entire network infrastructure including cable, fiber and wireless.


We offer the full line of Galaxy Control System access control products and have extensive training and experience the design and installation of these systems. NControl is a Galaxy Certified Installer and is a Galaxy Government Service Provider, which allows NControl to offer products and installation through the GSA.

Bosch's control panels are modern Internet appliances designed to easily integrate with access control, fire, home and building automation, IP video, and more. We can give you customers a complete peace of mind with only one system to learn, use and maintain. Plus, a single system lowers installation and maintenance costs and more robust security.

From Healthcare to Commercial, NControl has the complete line of Pelco Video Surveillance platforms that are designed to meet the needs of a variety of applications. We can install any of these systems or custom design a system that will meet your specific requirements. With over 60 years of manufacturing and design experience, Pelco and NControl can offer the best system for you.

With over 30 years of experience, Paxton Access has manufacture market-leading security solutions for a range of buildings. NControl has the complete line of Paxton Access products including their Net2 network-based Access Control systems, standalone offline access wireless door handles, Door intercom and entry solutions and video systems. NControl can integrate all Paxton Access products into a single unified system using the new Paxton10 platform.

NControl offers the complete line of Bosch Video safety and security products and can recommend/install the best solution for your needs. We provide Bosch video systems for a wide range of sectors including retail, government, commercial, the public sector and more.

We offer Speco Tech's fully scale-able video systems that can grow as your needs increase. Add additonal cameras or functionality when you need it.

Latest News

  • Facility Network Redesign Project
    After completing a network infrastructure installation in a new building at a government facility in the Midwest, NControl was tasked with upgrading the network infrastructure for all of the buildings at the facility. This multi-year project includes the design and installation of the new network infrastructure including re-cabling for the buildings, connection and testing of the new network and the removal of all old cable.
  • CCTV and Access Control Upgrade for National Guard Facilities
    NControl has completed multiple contracts at three National Guard locations in the Midwest to upgrade the CCTV systems to the latest in IP and Infrared and RMF technology so users can monitor the perimeter of the facilities day or night. The installation included the installation/programming of all equipment, development of CCTV infrastructure and training for use and servicing.
  • National Guard Bosch G-Series Panel Certification
    NControl personnel completed National Guard ESS training for the installation and servicing of the Bosch B9512G panel at all National Guard installations. This certification allows us to install and maintain Bosch B9512G panel at any National Guard location adds another level to the Bosch Factory Training.
  • Bosch Intrusion Detection Training and Dealer Designation
    With the approval of Bosch Security Systems, we can now offer the complete line of Bosch intrusion detection systems.
  • Personnel Entry System
    In an effort to maintain a count of personnel on a government complex, NControl installed a Personnel Accountability System that is used by the guard of the facility to log personnel as they enter the facility. The Telaeris XPress Entry system is used by the guard to scan credentials (CAC, Driver's License or Proximity cards) and tells the guard if the person can access and stores entry information into a universal database that offers complete report functionality.